Frequently Asked Questions

How have Müpa Budapest's operational procedures changed due to the pandemic? What are the regulations regarding entering the building? May I also bring my children to attend performances?The health regulations that are currently in effect and government health recommendations are to be followed inside the Müpa Budapest building. Furthermore, Müpa Budapest may institute even stricter measures on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, in line with feedback from our audience and with the sense of safety of our visitors, performers and colleagues in mind, from 1 November 2021 it will be compulsory to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth in all areas of the Müpa Budapest building. Masks may be removed temporarily in order to consume food and drink in areas designated for that purpose. Visitors are obliged to supply their own masks.
In line with the health regulations are currently in effect, visitors are not required to show an immunity card to attend a Müpa Budapest performance where the ticket applies to a specific seat. For performances where the audience is expected to stand, interactive group programmes and programmes organised for certain school groups, visitors must present an immunity card in order to attend. For information regarding the conditions for such and the affected programmes, please consult our House Rules.

I have forgotten my password required to log on to this website. What should I do?
On the website, click on the link “Forgotten password” in the log-in window, and enter the e-mail address that you provided upon registration. We will send you an automatically generated e-mail and you can set a new password by clicking on the link in the e-mail.

What type of browser is recommended to view this site?
For best experience, we recommend the use of a computer running the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. To view multimedia contents you need to download a Flash extension file. In case of mobile phones and tablets, a device running Android 4.0.4, iOS 7, Windows Phone 8.0 or more recent app versions is recommended.

What devices are recommended to view live webcasts?
The recommended minimum internet bandwidth for viewing webcasts is 5 Mbit/s (~625kb/s). The recommended minimum configuration for your PC is Intel Pentium 4 with at least 1024 MB RAM+ and 350 MB free hard disk space. To watch Müpa Live Webcasts, you need Internet Explorer 8.0+, - Firefox FF 17+, Safari 5.0+, Opera 11.0+ or Chrome 11.0+. For browsers that do not support HTML5, you need to download Flash Player.

At which family and youth events do parents need to buy tickets for themselves in addition to their children?
On the site of family and youth events, besides ticket prices, we also inform our visitors about which members of the family are required to buy tickets. Ticket purchasing will be available as follows:

Types of events
For what family members
should I purchase tickets?
Age recommendations
Baby concert per adult ages 0–3
Sing-along Baby Christmas per adult ages 0–3
Sing-along-baby family ticket (per mother) ages 0–3
Busy with Music family ticket (per mother) ages 1.5–3
Lullabies per child ages 0–3
Mini Matinée everyone entering the event hall      ages 3–8
Playtime per child ages 5–8
Instru-Mentor everyone entering the event hall ages 8–12
Mus-e per child ages 8–12
Seven Kingdoms Dance House      no admission fee ages 5–12
Matinée Concerts everyone entering the event hall ages 10–14
Opera Matinée everyone entering the event hall ages 10–14
Palace of Delights no admission fee ages 0–12

Can children sit in their parents’ lap during performances?
No, children cannot sit in their parents’ lap. Attending our adult shows is not recommended for children younger than primary school age (6 years). Tickets must also be purchased for young children if they attend a performance. Please take age recommendations into consideration, even in the case of children’s events.

How can I get notification of live broadcasts?
You can subscribe to notifications on the Müpa Budapest website, on the Müpa Live Webcast page under the Media menu, and you will receive email notification 1 hour before the start of the concert.

How can I save the performance I have purchased tickets to in my Google Calendar?
By clicking on the “SAVE TO CALENDAR” button located in the upper right corner on the event page.

How can I take pictures, as a press professional, at events organised by the Palace of Arts?
Taking pictures by press professionals is permitted at our events provided that the performing artists have given their prior consent and, in the artists’ opinion, this would not disturb the performance. If Müpa’s photographer is allowed to take pictures at an event, we are happy to make the photos available to the press for publication. If you would like to take pictures at any of our events or you need pictures for your work, please contact us at

How can I get a press ticket?
Press tickets may be requested through our online platform until the 6th day before the date of the event. If you have not used our online platform yet, please register as a press professional on the site New registrations in our system are verified and approved by our staff, which may take a few days. Once approved, you can log on to our website and order your tickets. Please note that we do not provide seated tickets for photographers and crews; these professionals are issued a limited number of press passes to perform their tasks. If you work in any press-related area, please inform us about your intention of taking pictures or video footages at

Whom should I contact with press-related questions?
The PR Department of Müpa Budapest is pleased to be at your disposal in any matters related to press coverage, permits for photography and video footages, requests for interviews and in any other press-related issues at